event horizon: (noun) a theoretical boundary around a black hole beyond which no light or other radiation can escape. a point of no return.

paul kay celebrates your glorious return and is excited for you to discover what lies ahead in your adventures through the undiscovered, and unknown, reaches of inner and outer space. paul wishes to remind you of the tremendous honor it is to exist in a dimension where anything is possible based upon your perceptions and perspectives. Because your reality is so dependent upon the interpretations of your experiences it is imperative that you moderate and modulate the words that come out of your mouth as they will become the arbiter of your reality. These efforts, while challenging, will prove fruitful and lead you to a life filled with neutrality, opportunity and peace as your journey takes you far, far beyond The Event Horizon – Volume 24

While you continue your adventures through time and space it is vital to focus on the need for restraint when enduring stressful experiences. True power of will depends on the need and ability for restraint which allows for clarity of mind and presence of being. Understanding the need for restraint is vital and exhibiting it throughout your life will prevent excess, and unnecessary, suffering that takes place when one engages and acts through an emotional lens. Valuing restraint, and understanding it at a core level, in all aspects of one’s reality is integral and imperative for all that exist within this dimension.

It is with great honor and true humility that paul kay offers his latest musical compilation that has been designed, harmonized and synthesized with acoustic frequencies to raise your energic resonance.

The Event Horizon Vol. 24 track list:
(1) 0:00 – 01:41 – Black Sun (Original Mix) – Shadym
(2) 01:42 – 07:57 – Spaceship 001 (Original mix) – The Plant Worker
(3) 07:58 – 11:37 – Nearby Silent Horses (Original Mix) – Bas Mooy
(4) 11:38 – 16:27 – RTCH (Mutation Edit) – Thomas Hoffknecht
(5) 16:28 – 23:51 – Seek & Destroy (Original Mix) – A. Mochi
(6) 23:52 – 27:14 – Umbriel (Original Mix) – DJ Dextro
(7) 27:15 – 33:11 – Deep cutoff (Original Mix) – Euskalraver
(8) 33:12 – 38:31 – Travellers (Original Mix) – DJ Dextro
(9) 38:32 – 41:55 – Contratiempos (Flug Remix) – Ricardo Garduno
(10) 41:56 – 46:57 – Ravage (Original Mix) – Bas Mooy
(11) 46:58 – 51:05 – Temple Of Hanubis (Original Mix) – Hanubis
(12) 51:06 – 56:20 – Plasma (Original Mix) – Flug
(13) 56:21 – 1:02:28 Stellate (Original Mix) – Shadym, Tximeleta