event horizon: (noun) a theoretical boundary around a black hole beyond which no light or other radiation can escape. a point of no return.

paul kay wishes to express his most sincere admiration and gratitude as he has had the wonderful opportunity to provide you with the necessary support, knowledge and encouragement as your adventures take you deep into uncharted territory. Exploring the great unknown comes with substantial risk but also yields tremendous rewards to those who are willing to rise up and face the challenges, hurdles and adversity that present themselves on the path of life. Let it be known that you have shown tremendous courage and an indomitable spirit as your journey takes you far beyond The Event Horizon – Volume 29

As your adventures continue it is imperative to note that you have free will choice here in the third dimension. It is this vital understanding, and belief, that will break the shackles of a state of mind that is unable to see the many options being offered in each, and every, present moment unfolding in front of your face. Freedom is a state of mind as well as a state of being and while there are certain limitations that each of us contend with your perceptions and desires should always be focused on the fact that you have free will choice. Freedom is a gift the Universe has bestowed upon humanity and should be cherished, exercised, and exhibited as often as possible to provide a life filled with unlimited options and potential.

It is with a humble heart, open arms, and a warm smile that paul kay presents his most recent audio ensemble that was birthed, configured, refined and mastered in an effort to help align your mind, body and spirit.

The Event Horizon Vol. 29 track list:
(1) 0:00 – 04:05 – Numbers (Original Mix) – Flug
(2) 04:06 – 10:30 – Primal (Original Mix) – AWB
(3) 10:31 – 14:05 – Lustrum (Original Mix) – Uun
(4) 14:06 – 19:33 – Nubya (Original Mix) – Wrong Assessment
(5) 19:34 – 23:22 – Sense I (Original Mix) – I1 Ambivalent
(6) 23:23 – 30:04 – He Was (Original Mix) – Developer
(7) 30:05 – 33:07 – Sense III (Original Mix) – I1 Ambivalent
(8) 33:08 – 38:25 – Contact (Original Mix) – Toni Alvarez
(9) 38:26 – 43:00 – XLRate (Toni Alvarez Remix) – I Am Bam
(10) 43:01 – 46:40 – Loud (DJ Dextro Remix) – Toni Alvarez, Marc Alvarez
(11) 46:41 – 51:20 – Stable Isolation (A.Paul, DKULT Remix) – Axel Karakasis
(12) 51:21 – 57:25 – Drive em Out (Original Mix) – Developer
(13) 57:26 – 1:01:56 – Origens (Original Mix) – Robert S (PT)