event horizon: (noun) a theoretical boundary around a black hole beyond which no light or other radiation can escape. a point of no return.

paul kay is extremely pleased that you have decided to continue your journey traversing the stars deep within a Universe that holds tremendous mystery, undiscovered riches and at times great peril that will test your internal fortitude. Let it be known that nothing in life comes without focused effort, achievement, and risk. Understanding this facet of your reality will provide a framework and methodology for assessing each opportunity that presents itself as your adventures take you way beyond The Event Horizon – Volume 30

When challenges arise within your path, please remind yourself that these opportunities come in waves, one after another until there is a crescendo. Once this peak takes place the waves of opportunity will begin to recede back from where they came providing you with moments of peace, stillness, and reflection. If you can be present enough during these waves you will enter a flow state which provides for a smoother transition between the waves. Yes, this can be difficult at times depending upon the variety of triggers and challenges. But no one in the third dimension is absolved from these types of experiences so it is best to accept the waves, buckle up and make the most of the experiences being afforded to you.

paul kay is aware of the energetic variability taking place within this dimension and wishes you peace, prosperity, and abundance beyond your greatest desires. His latest musical compilation has been developed and refined to provide you with energetic support, motivation, and inspiration. He thanks you wholeheartedly for listening and looks forward to whatever unfolds within each present moment.

The Event Horizon Vol. 30 track list:
(1) 0:00 – 05:55 – Click the Button (Original Mix) – Juliet Fox
(2) 05:56 – 10:30 – Crossing Borders (Original Mix) – Abstract Division
(3) 10:31 – 15:20 – Process (Original Mix) – Truncate
(4) 15:21 – 20:00 – Misplaced Emotion (Original Mix) – Hans Bouffmyhre, Flug
(5) 20:01 – 25:20 – Sense II (Original Mix) – I1 Ambivalent
(6) 25:21 – 30:25 – FoxP2 (Original Mix) – DJ Dextro
(7) 30:26 – 34:34 – Shadow Self (Original Mix) – A.Paul, DJ Dextro
(8) 34:35 – 39:51 – Hustler (Original Mix) – Vinicius Honorio
(9) 39:52 – 44:44 – Panique (Original Mix) – Episode1
(10) 44:45 – 49:29 – The Last Dark Cloud (Original Mix) – Vinicius Honorio
(11) 49:30 – 54:52 – Locust (Original Mix) – Vinicius Honorio
(12) 54:53 – 58:30 – Again (Original Mix) – Joton
(13) 58:31 – 1:04:35 – Inverse Process (Hector Oaks Remix) – Exal