event horizon: (noun) a theoretical boundary around a black hole beyond which no light or other radiation can escape. a point of no return.

paul kay wishes to express his immense gratitude for having the opportunity to bear witness to your evolution as a soul having a human experience here in the third dimension. Your adventures deep within outer, and inner space, have provided a variety of challenges that have allowed you to grow, expand and mature in leaps and bounds. While your path has been difficult at times, you have shown tremendous courage in the face of adversity that has exemplified who you really are and your reasons for existence taking you well beyond The Event Horizon – Volume 32

Recognizing what you can and cannot control is a behavior, and philosophy, that will alleviate much self-inflicted suffering as you walk the path of life. Being Present and having clarity will provide the necessary vision of what your efforts can influence and what cannot be controlled under your care. It is vital that you learn to differentiate between the two as this will allow for greater insight and the ability to live your life without having the need to control everything and everyone. By placing sufficient value within these ideals, you will find much more neutrality and opportunity without unnecessary resistance and friction.

paul kay offers his support and encouragement as your adventures continue deep into unknown and uncharted territories. Venturing forward does require trust and paul wishes to remind you that everything within your reality is unfolding exactly as it should and will continue to do so as long as you keep your faith intact.

The Event Horizon Vol. 32 track list:
(1) 0:00 – 02:32 – Time & Space (Original Mix) – Vinicius Honorio
(2) 02:33 – 06:35 – Transversal feat. Gotshell (Original Mix) – Jeroen Search, Gotshell
(3) 06:36 – 11:20 – Sustain Form (Original Mix) – Hans Bouffmyhre
(4) 11:21 – 17:20 – Antitode (Heerhorst Remix) – I Am Bam
(5) 17:21 – 21:30 – Flash Mode (Original Mix) – Hans Bouffmyhre
(6) 21:31 – 27:02 – Engine Room (Original Mix) – Hans Bouffmyhre
(7) 27:03 – 31:45 – Consciousness (Marcal Remix) – Ackermann
(8) 31:46 – 36:26 – Praying to Silence (Original Mix) – NØRBAK
(9) 36:27 – 41:20 – Tough To Say (Original Mix) – Temudo
(10) 41:21 – 45:40 – Burrow (Original Mix) – Hans Bouffmyhre
(11) 45:41 – 51:19 – Inside Peoples Mind (Spuri Remix) – DJ Dextro
(12) 51:20 – 55:40 – Into Your Mind (Original Mix) – AKKI (DE)
(13) 55:41 – 1:01:36 – Drowning (Original Mix) – Shadym, AKKI (DE)