event horizon: (noun) a theoretical boundary around a black hole beyond which no light or other radiation can escape. a point of no return.

paul kay is truly inspired by the perseverance you have exhibited, and courage demonstrated, while enduring challenges that have tested your fortitude, resilience, and desire to achieve greatness and overcome apex obstacles. Life in the third dimension is not for the faint of heart as it is filled with peaks and valleys containing surprises that test one’s mettle and commitment. Repeatedly you have succeeded and proven yourself worthy meeting each new challenge with an open mind, employing logic and rational thinking to help provide clarity when confronted with a variety of experiences that have tested your mind, body, and spirit throughout your journeys far, far, far beyond The Event Horizon – Volume 33

paul wishes to remind you that adversity is a vital component of life and that the adversity you have faced, and will continue to experience, provides for personal growth that is priceless and precious. Adversity is woven into the fabric of time and space; it is unavoidable and should be greeted properly as it contains gifts and treasures for those present enough to earn them. Please be aware that without adversity your reality and development would remain stagnant and unfulfilling. While it may be difficult at times to be grateful for the adversity you face, after some time has passed you will be able to reflect and see how important it was for your development as a soul having a human experience in the third dimension.

It is with a humble heart, and a deep state of gratitude, that paul kay presents his latest musical ensemble that was crafted, refined, calibrated, and perfected to help raise your vibration as your travels take you to the farthest reaches of inner and outer space. Godspeed brothers and sisters.

The Event Horizon Vol. 33 track list:
(1) 0:00 – 03:40 – In My Heart (Vocal Mix) – Ignacio Arfeli
(2) 03:41 – 09:45 – Elastic (Original Mix) – FNKSTLL
(3) 09:46 – 15:08 – Faded Riots (Original Mix) – Axel Karakasis
(4) 15:09 – 21:00 – Rhetorica (Jonas Kopp Remix) – Dimi Angelis & Jeoren Search
(5) 21:01 – 26:11 – Sequence (Edit Select Remix) – Deepbass
(6) 26:12 – 32:15 – Black Door (Original Mix) – Paul Ritch
(7) 32:16 – 37:00 – Whats The Occasion (Original Mix) – Moses (IN)
(8) 37:01 – 41:55 – Intimidation Tactics (Original Mix) – Hans Bouffmyhre
(9) 41:56 – 47:13 – Stain Remover (Original Mix) – Hans Bouffmyhre
(10) 47:14 – 52:02 – Zerotonin (Original Mix) – Rony Golding
(11) 52:03 – 57:10 – Aquaporine (Original Mix) – dotwav
(12) 57:11 – 1:03:10 – Radiate (Original Mix) – Hanubis
(13) 1:03:11 – 1:08:04 – Beyond the Stars – (Original Mix) – I Am Bam