Event horizon: (noun) a theoretical boundary around a black hole beyond which no light or other radiation can escape, a point of no return.

paul kay has returned from deep within the multiverse, where he was gifted Universal truths, wisdom, and experiences through adversity that have genuinely tested his internal fortitude, mettle, and limits well beyond any of his preconceived notions regarding what he was capable of enduring. It has been his honor to be taken to the very edge of the abyss, spending time deep within his psyche, healing core wounds that have woven themselves intricately within every fabric of his being.

Teetering so close to his transition off-planet provided paul with necessary and valuable opportunities to break through his self-imposed limitations that have now been overcome, allowing for true growth beyond his wildest imaginings. His glorious, and timely, return brings good tidings and excellent fortune to all those willing to partake in his teachings, guidance, and support as the journey continues far beyond The Event Horizon – Volume 34

paul wishes to kindly remind you that while on the path, you may encounter opportunities to seek deeper truths and be thrust into moments of illusion and disillusion, where people, places and things appear differently from what they are. This third-dimensional duality contains seeds of opportunity for peering beyond the proverbial “veil” to better understand the nature of reality and everything that comprises it. Do not be discouraged dear soul when your perceptions prove inaccurate. This realization is a growth point to educate you about the importance of seeing and perceiving through a lens of clarity which can, at times, be painful depending upon your circumstances. Perseverance through adversity is the key as you forge ahead through unknown territory; it takes courage deep within your being.

Be aware that every Present moment is truly a miracle, for nothing is promised, nor is there any guarantee your next Present moment will arrive. This truth is Universal and cannot be denied nor should be ignored. Having this knowledge has allowed paul to make the most of each of his Present moments. He now wishes to celebrate and share his latest musical ensemble that will fill your Present moments with uplifting beats and frequencies fine-tuned for your listening pleasure.

The Event Horizon Vol. 34 track list:
(1) 0:00 – 05:08 – Trip (Original Mix) – Linkan Ray
(2) 05:09 – 09:01 – Fragment (Original Mix) – Joton
(3) 09:02 – 13:49 – Submit Yourself (Rene Wise Remix) – Dustin Zahn
(4) 13:50 – 18:03 – Corporis (Original Mix) – Endplate
(5) 18:04 – 21:45 – Landing (Original Mix) – Albert Salvatierra
(6) 21:46 – 27:45 – Bullshit (Original Mix) – Albert Salvatierra
(7) 27:46 – 32:39 – Request Denied (Original Mix) – Endplate
(8) 32:40 – 36:22 – Chat with the Devil (Original Mix) – ( Wex 10 )
(9) 36:23 – 40:50 – Providence (DJ Dextro Remix) – A.Paul
(10) 40:51 – 44:53 – Pontus (Original Mix) – DJ Dextro
(11) 44:54 – 49:26 – Nebula (Original Mix) – Linear System
(12) 49:27 – 55:12 – Agent Orange (Original Mix) – Linear System
(13) 55:13 – 1:01:16 – Pragmatic (Original Mix) – Mark Reeve