Event horizon: (noun) a theoretical boundary around a black hole beyond which no light or other radiation can escape, a point of no return.

paul kay has regained footing, rebuilt his foundation, prioritized healing, and infused newly gained wisdom deep within his psyche as he continues his travels throughout the Universe. Humbled that you have decided to join the next adventure, paul promises to provide proper guidance and knowledge to support continued awakening to your truth, peering beyond the illusion of self and separation that create unnecessary and painful self-inflicted suffering. He commends your commitment and admires your perseverance as your level of consciousness rises slowly and steadily.

The process of awakening can be lengthy; paul asks that you remain mindful that this is an essential aspect of your journey as a soul having a human experience. Those who incarnate into the third dimension and undergo an awakening begin to see things differently and experience lessons that contain much adversity and discomfort. Through these challenging states of being, one’s truth can be obtained and embodied as adventures take you far beyond The Event Horizon – Volume 35.

paul would like to endow you with Universal wisdom that will garner a more peaceful, expansive reality while reducing the self-inflicted suffering that only leads to further pain, senseless aggravation, and distraction.

“Divine timing” is a subject that requires proper study and revolves around the notion that events will transpire at the appropriate juncture that best serves your highest and greatest good but cannot be determined or demanded. As you take a moment to peer back through your past, notice that chapters of your incarnation appear lengthier than others as time seems to stand still. It is not that time was traveling at a different rate of speed, but instead, you perceived that time, during those moments, transpired more slowly.

Divine timing is a beautiful example of how the Universe can orchestrate experiences and alter time based on an individual’s ability to accept their circumstances or, in some cases, resist the lessons leading to additional self-inflicted suffering. With this said, paul implores you to fully embody acceptance at every juncture understanding that this effort will usher you into a flow state, allowing divine timing to provide a smoother transition.

With a humble heart, paul wishes to present his latest musical composition crafted to provide the proper harmonic resonance calibrated to raise your vibration and spirit. Onward and upward, my dear soul, for your efforts will yield the desired results if you can keep moving forward.

The Event Horizon Vol. 35 track list:
(1) 0:00 – 03:52 – This Is Real, Understand – Paul Laurens
(2) 03:53 – 07:15 – Didact – Paul Laurens
(3) 07:16 – 11:40 – Pale Fox (Original Mix) – Gary Beck
(4) 11:41 – 16:55 – Perceptions (Original Mix) – Skjöld
(5) 16:56 – 21:05 – Oberon (Original Mix) – Skjöld
(6) 21:06 – 25:11 – Miss You (Truncate Remix) – Dustin Zahn
(7) 25:12 – 30:18 – Caronte (Original Mix) – Drop-E
(8) 30:19 – 35:41 – Tremors (Original Mix) – Linear System
(9) 35:42 – 40:15 – Frictional Resistance (Original Mix) – Linear System
(10) 40: 16 – 44:29 – Not Die (Original Mix) – ( Wex 10 )
(11) 44:30 – 48:54 – Crocodile Fears (Original Mix) – Gary Beck
(12) 48:54 – 53:42 – Triggered (Original Mix) – Responder
(13) 53:43 – 59:17 – Serum (Original Mix) – Mark Reeve