Event horizon: (noun) a theoretical boundary around a black hole beyond which no light or other radiation can escape, a point of no return.

paul kay has recalibrated, redirected, and invigorated his trajectory as his vision, intention, and power have increased exponentially. He was offered rewards bountifully presented in his honor after overcoming the most intense and life-altering experiences to date.

It is with great honor and a humble heart that paul accepts these blessed tidings, understanding he will provide for those under his care, guidance, and supervision. His expanded state of being has generated a continuous wave of prosperity, garnering riches of intrinsic and material wealth, allowing him to traverse the third and fifth dimensions with skill, ease, and grace.

paul acknowledges your tireless efforts while experiencing adversity, travail, and tribulation throughout your travels. He recognizes and validates the energy and determination you’ve valiantly extended to avoid additional self-inflicted suffering at the hands of your ego and subconscious mind. paul fully understands the immense work required to maintain a state of peace and stability on a mental, physical, and energetic level. He wishes to commend you on the fantastic job you’re doing as your adventures propel you well beyond The Event Horizon – Volume 36

Many vital life skills will prove worthy as your evolution continues and challenges arise in many situations and environments. paul wishes to endow you with the knowledge and understanding of composure and the importance of studying and practicing as your journey continues.

Composure results from practicing surrender and allowance. In the face of circumstances that provoke anxiety and reaction, composure is critical to understand, embody and manifest as it’s a calm state that enables one to exude self-control.

Embodying composure can sometimes mean the difference between life and death, depending upon the severity of one’s situation. Composing oneself in the most challenging moments enables clarity and Presence no matter what unfolds, implodes, or explodes. While it may take some time, practice, and repetition to embody composure in the face of adversity, paul encourages you to persevere, as it will be well worth the effort.

paul is so proud of the courage and bravery you have exhibited. He asks that you please reflect on your enduring growth expansion during these challenging times. It’s with the deepest levels of respect and gratitude that paul presents his latest musical ensemble orchestrated to help raise your level of consciousness as you traverse the path of life step by step, Present moment by Present moment.

The Event Horizon Vol. 36 track list:
(1) 0:00 – 06:09 – Binary (Original Mix) – Archivist
(2) 06:10 – 09:57 – Bound State (Original Mix) – Skjöld
(3) 09:58 – 14:19 – Green Powder (Original Mix) – Dimi Angelis
(4) 14:20 – 18:34 – Out Of Sight (Original Mix) – Psyk
(5) 18:35 – 24:33 – Nevoa (Original Mix) – Marcal
(6) 24:34 – 29:00 – Vesuvius E.P B2 (Oscar Mulero Ømre Edit) – Gaetek, Gaetano Parisio
(7) 29:01 – 34:44 – Volatile (Original Mix) – Arthur Robert
(8) 34:45 – 39:25 – Interlink (05AM Mix) – DJ Dextro
(9) 39:26 – 45:25 – Corp (Version) – Markus Suckut
(10) 45:26 – 50:40 – Karavanen (Original Mix) – Mattias Fridell, Alexander Johansson
(11) 50:41 – 55:30 – Stake (Original Mix) – Mattias Fridell, Alexander Johansson
(12) 55:31 – 59:13 – Heat Barrier (Original Mix) – Fanon Flowers
(13) 59:14 – 1:05:04 – Dimensions (Original Mix) – Mark Reeve