Event horizon: (noun) a theoretical boundary around a black hole beyond which no light or other radiation can escape, a point of no return.

paul kay has the focus and momentum to guide you as you’re creating and traversing the adventures of your life. With steadfast energy that provides stability, grounding, and clarity, he humbly accepts his role as a leader who stands at the ready to venture into every situation with the power and certainty required to achieve victory no matter the circumstance, location, or adversary.

paul leads from the front, acting as a role model to inspire you through his concerted efforts under immense pressure from dark forces that have attempted to divert and destroy him and everything he has worked diligently to establish, build and maintain. He is not fearful of the darkness; he understands their goal but wishes to declare that his army of the light will answer the call each and every time to help defend the innocent and those embedded within the deep slumber of the matrix programming.

Your courage and tenacity have been duly noted as events have transpired and circumstances have unfolded, revealing the need for bravery and courage as challenges become incrementally, and at times exponentially, more difficult during your travels far beyond The Event Horizon – Volume 37

paul wishes to impart insight into the importance of entering into, living within, and maintaining a “flow state” as you traverse this dimension and many others. Being in flow facilitates smooth transitions between Present moments, challenges, and opportunities.

Establishing a flow state is quintessential to reducing suffering as you become more accepting of whatever is experienced in any given moment, no matter what your ego and feelings encounter concerning the perceived obstruction. Stepping up into the bird’s eye view to observe your actions, thoughts, and emotions will provide clarity to ensure you’re in the Present moment and not in a state of resistance.

paul reminds you to breathe deeply to center yourself when encountering any stressful or anxiety-producing experience. As your breath calms and centers, you will drop into the Present moment. Then, recognizing what you are feeling and experiencing, your heart will provide the clarity necessary for your current circumstances. Surrender to your truth, acknowledging that you’ve entered a container of safety where you can freely look in the mirror of transparency and experience unconditional acceptance. This will facilitate the love and affirmation you’ve always desired and release you from the burdens that have consumed your thoughts and emotions. The flow state is the next level of embodiment that allows release from the old patterns and entry into an unfettered level of grace and ease.

paul has placed great effort in composing his most recent musical composition, which will help align your energetic frequencies to a more positive state of being. He is very proud of you, and his heart is full of joy, admiration, and respect while witnessing you rise and achieve your life objectives in one Present moment after another.

The Event Horizon Vol. 37 track list:
(1) 0:00 – 02:30 – All I See (BAUGRUPPE90 Remix) – Anja Schneider
(2) 02:31 – 06:43 – The Jungle Talk (Original Mix) – Mental Resonance
(3) 06:44 – 12:40 – Deviant (Original Mix) – Refracted
(4) 12:41 – 16:03 – Ascent (Original Mix) – Refracted
(5) 16:04 – 22:50 – Expedition 3 (Original mix) – Refracted
(6) 22:51 – 26:33 – Simply Trust (Original Mix) – Re:Axis
(7) 26:34 – 31:23 – Rays Of The Sun (Original Mix) – Re:Axis
(8) 31:33 – 36:38 – If Not Now When? (Original Mix) – Tøtal
(9) 36:39 – 41:17 – Fury (Original Mix) – Tøtal
(10) 41:18 – 46:13 – Insanity (Original Mix) – Sciahri
(11) 46:14 – 51:15 – Ambiguity (Original Mix) – Sciahri
(12) 51:16 – Zoofilia (Original Mix) – Augusto Taito
(13) 55:55 – 1:01:58 – Take You Back (Original Mix) – Mark Reeve