Event horizon: (noun) a theoretical boundary around a black hole beyond which no light or other radiation can escape, a point of no return.

paul kay has exemplified true courage, strength, and fortitude as he and his warriors of the light have waged a collaborative effort to extinguish the dark forces embedded throughout the multiverse. Under his firm command and direct guidance, paul has led countless missions and achieved numerous victories under some of the harshest conditions known to humanity. As Paul has completed each objective, his level of consciousness has steadily risen to frequencies he never imagined possible. His army of the light continues to march forward, protecting the innocent, weak, and those trapped within the third-dimensional prison matrix. He humbly asks those ready, willing, and able to stand firm, fight fiercely, and remain focused as the light vs dark war intensifies. Life in the third dimension is unraveling, revealing the true face of evil and it’s dark and nefarious behaviors.

You will sometimes experience fear, but paul reminds you to stay Present and maintain situational awareness under duress. Some situations will find you unprepared. But remember to practice what you have learned and use your tools during these times. You can endure adversity and overcome challenges with determination and will as your adventures take you well beyond the Event Horizon – Volume 38

paul sincerely appreciates your enthusiasm and wants to ensure you are not overcome with eagerness, as this can potentially lead to disaster and collateral damage. Being over-eager is not helpful when it becomes a reaction to a situation or stimulus you’ve not thoroughly analyzed. It is vital to resist being too eager as your path takes you through the peaks and valleys of life, which may trigger you in various ways that you cannot predict. paul advises that you take the necessary time to reflect, without judgment, on some of your past challenges and behaviors to explore how eagerness has caused unnecessary suffering. Use these reflection points as opportunities to learn, grow and prosper.

It is with a tremendous amount of pride that paul presents his latest digitally mastered musical compilation to harmonically calibrate your energetic frequencies to harmonize and uplift your perceptions and sensations as your adventure continues forward.

The Event Horizon Vol. 38 track list:
(1) 0:00 – 04:30 – East of the Sun (Original Mix) – Bart Skils
(2) 04:31 – 10:15 – Scene Couple (Original Mix) – Sigha
(3) 10:16 – 16:05 – I Am Apathy, I Am Submission (Original Mix) – Sigha
(4) 16:05 – 21:32 – Ex Machina (Christian Wunsch Remix) – Christian Morgenstern
(5) 21:33 – 25:28 – El lobo estepario (Original mix) – Reeko
(6) 25:29 – 29:20 – Form and Void (Reeko remix) – Kwartz
(7) 29:21 – 35:02 – Phooka (Original Mix) – Lakej
(8) 35:03 – 40:03 – Cotton (Sigha Remix) – Cassegrain
(9) 40:04 – 47:05 – Harmi (Original Mix) – Keikari
(10) 47:06 – 51:44 – Sepitelma (Original Mix) – Keikari
(11) 51:45 – 55:25 – Xanax (Original Mix) – Desroi
(12) 55:26 – 1:01:27 – Christ Figures (Original Mix) – Sigha
(13) 1:01:28 – 1:06:59 – Changing Worlds (Original Mix) – Mark Reeve