Event horizon: (noun) a theoretical boundary around a black hole beyond which no light or other radiation can escape, a point of no return.

As the war to destroy the darkness continues, paul’s leadership, strength, determination and resolve have been tested many times. No matter how fierce the battle or opponent, paul will continue to persevere. He knows his true enemy, the darkness, will stop at nothing to harm him, the innocent, the weak and those deep in the slumber of the third dimensional matrix.

Let it be known, paul will not forgive those who have committed harm, consciously or unconsciously, to himself and others as he is aware of the human potential to awaken and stop such atrocious behaviors. Everyone incarnated into the third dimension has endured some level of trauma, yet it is those who continue to traumatize others that must be contained.

He advises you not to forgive those who have committed sins against you and humanity, doing so only enables the darkness to continue its evil ways and can potentially lower you into a fear-state. Rather, forgiveness is a gift you give yourself, so be sure to show yourself grace and ease as your journeys take you farther and farther beyond The Event Horizon – Volume 39

paul believes the time is right to divulge a strategy the darkness uses so you can better prepare for the next battle. This information is vital to provide you with the necessary foresight to combat and defeat this evil force wherever it may appear.

The darkness makes use of a “first strike” initiative where they catch victims by surprise, off kilter, weak, distracted and vulnerable. This attack is well choreographed using timing and orchestration to make the darkness appear stronger, bigger and more capable than it really is. This first strike appears overwhelming at first, which is the intent, as it tries to overpower the target to gain capitulation. Since the darkness is driven by ill-will and maliciousness, the power is not true and lacks a firm foundation. You will soon discover the darkness uses the same approach repeatedly and with observation it becomes predictable allowing you to use that to your advantage.

Once a first strike is initiated by the darkness it is key to endure the primary “surge.” The surge is an energetic shockwave of negative feelings and emotions that the darkness causes, and it can seem unbearable at first. During this surge it is imperative to hunker down and not react. Any action taken at this time will have unintended consequences potentially causing collateral damage to yourself and those around you. Be patient, settle your spirit and regain your composure. Once you have your footing you can assess the damage, create a cohesive strategy and respond with true God force.

Godspeed brothers and sisters of the light. Your efforts are valiant, honorable and will be rewarded in due course.

The Event Horizon Vol. 39 track list:
(1) 0:00 – 05:20 – Alpha State (Original Mix) – Abstract Division
(2) 05:21 – 10:44 – Kubrick (Extended Mix) – Alastor, Jerome Isma-Ae
(3) 10:45 – 16:43 – I Will Fight For The Cause I See (Original Mix) – Modular Phaze
(4) 16:44 – 20:49 – Green Ball (Original Mix) – Modular Phaze
(5) 20:50 – 26:40 – Alpha Magnitude (Abstract Division Remix) – Vertical Spectrum
(6) 26:41 – 31:00 – Mind Inside (Original Mix) – Phara
(7) 31:01 – 36:14 – Singular Agony (Original Mix) – Vertical Spectrum
(8) 36:15 – 39:14 – Smooth Baktria (Original Mix) – Vertical Spectrum
(9) 39:15 – 43:40 – Emergence (Original Mix) – Abstract Division
(10) 43:41 – 47:20 – Activated (Original Mix) – Abstract Division
(11) 47:21 – 53:32 – Olento (Original Mix) – Keikari
(12) 53:33 – 57:44 – Oko bez sowy (Original Mix) – Vertical Spectrum
(13) 57:45 – 1:03:23 – Alive (Original Mix) – Mark Reeve