Event horizon: (noun) a theoretical boundary around a black hole beyond which no light or other radiation can escape, a point of no return.

The darkness, and its cohorts, continue their assault throughout the multiverse bringing chaos, sowing the seeds of discord and laying utter destruction in their wake. The darkness cares not for anyone or anything aside from its primary objective to extinguish the warriors of the light and all those who align themselves with all that is good, pure and virtuous.

The many battles that have taken place have exposed and illuminated those who have committed themselves to protecting the young, weak and the masses who are in a deep hypnotic state of matrix conditioning. It is these brave souls who continue to repeatedly prove themselves worthy, who have shown immense courage and have the internal fortitude to do what is right no matter the situation, condition or circumstance. paul wishes to acknowledge the efforts of these individuals of valor as their path is the road less travelled due to the sheer intensity and extreme levels of adversity. It is his honor and privilege to help guide your journey as your adventures take you far beyond The Event Horizon – Volume 40

As time progresses forward and your state of consciousness incrementally, and at times exponentially, increases you will encounter situations in which the people you know, trust, and love may betray you. These experiences are some of the hardest to rectify internally as it brings you into a state of confusion, frustration and despair forcing you to question yourself and those around you. Betrayal can feel tragic as the trust you have placed in your fellow man, woman or child has been broken and the bond, their word and your belief in their morals, virtues and honor has now been rendered null and void.

Please know that being betrayed, when viewed and processed through the proper lens, can prove to be a valuable lesson as you will now see things more clearly. Oftentimes we set aside certain aspects of a person’s behavior that we chose to willfully ignore, these red flags were available for you to see but a choice was made to only focus on certain aspects that you found acceptable and pleasing. Going through betrayal is a difficult lesson that no one is absolved from in the third dimension, so cast aside your desire for justice and vengeance as these are tools of the ego. Look within, understand why you made certain decisions and then heal your heart and mend your spirit. Let go of those who have betrayed you for they have now shown you who they are, how they are and where they are. This is a blessing; one you will see when you can settle and make sense of the transgression.

paul is so proud of all your accomplishments and wants you to know that you are never alone, no matter how lonely you may feel at times. Keep fighting the good fight brothers and sisters of the light, step by step we will overcome the darkness. It is our destiny to be victorious, stay focused and keep moving forward!

The Event Horizon Vol. 40 track list:
(1) 0:00 – 03:00 – Curiosity (Original Mix) – SAMA
(2) 03:01 – 08:23 – Metatron (Original Mix) – Jonas Kopp
(3) 08:24 – 14:40 – Yard (Original Mix) – Veerus
(4) 14:41 – 19:31 – Pyramid (Original Mix) – Veerus
(5) 19:32 – 25:52 – One Tenth Of A Second (Original Mix) – Bolster
(6) 25:53 – 30:38 – Allocators (Original Mix) – Peter Van Hoesen
(7) 30:39 – 37:15 – Consider the Source (Original Mix) – Peter Van Hoesen
(8) 37:16 – 42:19 – Vorago (Original Mix) – Skober
(9) 42:20 – 47:03 – Theory Of Emptiness (Original Mix) – Kwartz
(10) 47:04 – 52:22 – Black Silhouette (Original Mix) – Modular Phaze
(11) 52:23 – 58:11 – Voltage Shell (Developer Remix) – Vertical Spectrum
(12) 58:12 – 1:04:13 – Dream Liquid (Original Mix) – Luigi Tozzi
(13) 1:04:14 – 1:10:20 – Until The End (Original Mix) – Mattia Saviolo