Event horizon: (noun) a theoretical boundary around a black hole beyond which no light or other radiation can escape, a point of no return.

As the war to uproot, destabilize and eradicate the darkness continues, we find paul and the army of light warriors deep in battle spread throughout the multiverse. Every battle won against the darkness reveals it’s insidious tenacity, evil objectives and devious desires to eviscerate all that is good, honorable, virtuous and holy.

paul is keenly aware of what his evil adversary desires, he will not give up or give in to anything less than complete and total victory. While there are moments that give the impression that the battle has been won, it is vital that destruction of the darkness has been accomplished in totality. It is of great importance to remember that the darkness is a master of deception and will use lies, deceit and distraction to give false impression in every way possible. paul reminds you that the evil you are up against cannot be placated and will not peacefully co-exist no matter what is promised, inferred or agreed upon. Brothers and sisters of the light do not be fooled, willfully or unknowingly, by the serpent tongue of the darkness as it will lie without hesitation and use trickery to achieve truly evil objectives.

paul acknowledges your many achievements as you have proven yourself worthy while encountering levels of adversity that would break mere mortals. You are different, you are brave, you are courageous, you are a true warrior of the light and a defender of the young, weak, sick, elderly and those trapped within the grasp of matrix mind poisoning. paul cannot fully express his gratitude and pride for your loyalty, devotion and strength as your adventures take you far beyond The Event Horizon – Volume 41

Humanity has entered a very dark period and at times all may seem lost. Stay focused on the matters at hand, do not lose faith. Trust in your Creator and the light that has been imbued within every cell of your being as you are truly blessed. You have purpose, it is only the darkness that wishes for you to believe the opposite, that you live a life that is meaningless. The truth is that every single living being in the third dimension has a purpose, yet not all will seek and actualize it.

Understanding the need to have purpose in one’s life, pursuing said purpose and then embodying that purpose will provide fulfillment beyond your wildest imaginings. Those who live with purpose may be the minority at this time, but they are the ones who greet every day with open arms, accept what is encountered in the present moment and have faith that whatever happens, no matter what, all will be ok as we are blessed and watched over by the light.

paul stands by your side ready provide guidance and encouragement when needed. He reminds you to stand strong, stand tall and keep moving forward. Adversity will provide you with valuable experience, perseverance will lead us to victory. Praise be.

The Event Horizon Vol. 41 track list:
(1) 0:00 – 05:21 – In Your Body (Original Mix) – Cosmin TRG
(2) 05:22 – 08:40 – Voyage To Pollux (Original Mix) – Troy
(3) 10:56 – 13:00 – Dat Tune (Original Mix) – Vinicius Honorio
(4) 13:01 – 18:54 – Greed (Original Mix) – Vinicius Honorio
(5) 18:55 – 24:10 – All That Glitters (Original Mix) – Joton
(6) 24:11 – 31:00 – Burning Walls (Original Mix) – Irshad Hussein
(7) 31:01 – 33:50 – Dirty Mind (Original Mix) – George Effe
(8) 33:51 – 38:34 – Alcides (Original Mix) – DJ Dextro
(9) 38:35 – 44:24 – Ascension (TANKHAMUN Remix) – A.Paul, DJ Dextro
(10) 44:25 – 48:51 – Euphoria (Original Mix) – Klint
(11) 48:52 – 53:36 – Back To The Roots ((Original Mix)) – The Advent, Flug
(12) 53:37 – 58:44 – Astral (Original Mix) – Vinicius Honorio
(13) 58:45 – 1:04:07 – Dreams (Original Mix) – Mark Reeve, Able to Resist