Event horizon: (noun) a theoretical boundary around a black hole beyond which no light or other radiation can escape, a point of no return.

As the tide turns, paul and the warriors of the light fight valiantly to overtake and overcome the darkness. Many decisive battles have been won revealing an enemy that is driven by true evil, motivated by the darkest of occult energies and behaviors. There will not be any mercy afforded to the darkness, this decision is firm and final.

paul has pledged, and is fully committed to, the complete destruction of his adversary who has caused undue, unnecessary and unwarranted harm to himself and those who were unable to defend themselves being trapped within the third dimensional matrix. There is no quarter to be had, no peace offering, no mutual agreements, no olive branch extended. paul, and his cohorts, are dedicated to the full eradication of this evil that lies, cheats, steals and destroys all that is holy, good and sacred.

There has been a shift, an awakening, an awareness and a victory that has provided a new opportunity for safety and security. Patience, vision, and divine guidance have proven to be an effective strategy as the darkness does not have the ability to contain itself and has made repeated errors in judgement, action and decision. Let it be known that the light will always prevail for those who act with virtue and honor as they are protected and led by a higher power. paul sincerely and wholehearted appreciates your support as he continues to travel further beyond The Event Horizon – Volume 42

paul wishes to enlighten you with Universal truth and wisdom that has been imparted upon him and passed down from generation to generation of light warriors and truth speakers. He wants you to be aware that there are no coincidences within your reality, everything that has transpired has happened for a reason under divine orchestration.

As you continue down your life path you will encounter people, places and things that have been designed specifically to help challenge you and allow for growth and healing, at times under rather adverse conditions. Divine orchestration is one of the most amazing facets of this reality, the knowingness that your life has been configured specifically for you, and only you, to prosper and incrementally raise your level of consciousness.

Onwards and upwards brothers and sisters of the light as you are the warriors, explorers, seekers and speakers of truth, justice, virtue and honor. Praise be.

The Event Horizon Vol. 42 track list:
(1) 0:00 – 02:30 – Horsepower (Original Mix) – Bart Skils
(2) 02:31 – 08:33 – Challenge (Original Mix) – Sept
(3) 08:34 – 14:18 – Love Disorder (Gaston Zani Remix) – Ignacio Arfeli
(4) 14:19 – 19:35 – Mindset Of Mercy (Original Mix) – Shaun Moses
(5) 19:36 – 24:11 – We Move (Original Mix) – Arkan
(6) 24:12 – 30:05 – D Back (Original Mix) – Some Me
(7) 30:06 – 35:39 – Like Everybody Wants Now (Original Mix) – William Arist
(8) 36:00 – 40:13 – Grain Shifter (Original Mix) – Atze Ton
(9) 40:14 – 46:10 – Can’t Stop Me (Original Mix) – Some Me
(10) 46:11 – 50:53 – Front Row (Adriana Lopez Remix) – Grindvik
(11) 50:54 – 57:10 – Invisible (Original Mix) – Bolster
(12) 57:11 – 1:03:59 – Basalt (Original Mix) – Bolster
(13) 1:04:00 – 1:09:51 – Theme (Original Mix) – Mark Reeve