Event horizon: (noun) a theoretical boundary around a black hole beyond which no light or other radiation can escape, a point of no return.

Greetings brothers and sisters of the light!

paul welcomes you with open arms as you continue your adventures throughout the multiverse learning, growing and awakening to Universal Truth. Now is the time to embrace each opportunity the Creator has bestowed upon us, regardless of your ego’s interpretation of the adversity or challenges existing within your reality. We have reached a significant turning point and at this juncture there exists a proverbial treasure-trove of wisdom, knowledge and understanding. This divine offering provides a launchpad for the advancement of your level of consciousness well beyond your current state of being as our journey takes us far beyond The Event Horizon – Volume 44

paul wishes to imbue you with additional Universal Knowledge that will prove useful as you walk the path of life step by step, hand in hand, with the Creator, guides and angels. The Universal Law of Impermanence is a law that is firmly woven throughout this dimension and has the capacity to alleviate much of the self-inflicted suffering at the hands of the ego construct. Nothing within the third dimension is permanent no matter what that loud voice in your head wishes for you to believe. If you can embrace this law and remind yourself that nothing is permanent, all things are transitory, you will find the strength to endure whatever adversities are presented for you regardless of the intensity or duration.

It is wise to keep reminding yourself, at times repeatedly, “this too shall pass” as this statement will help shift your perceptions and perspectives in the face of extreme adversity, pain and suffering. No one is exempt from a variety of life challenges, yet you can shift your perceptions to help alleviate the additional suffering the ego levies upon you with false belief of permanency making seconds seem like minutes, minutes feel like hours and hours appear as days. While this shift may take considerable effort to embody it is truly a worthy endeavor.

My dear brothers and sisters, we have come so far and endured many battles with the darkness achieving victory with the help of the Creator who sees our struggle and provides aid when we need it most. Praise be.

The Event Horizon Vol. 44 track list:
(1) 0:00 – 01:54 – In a Dream (Original Mix) – Brennen Grey
(2) 01:55 – 07:29 – Cosmic Information (Original Mix) – RooneyNasr
(3) 07:30 – 12:49 – Freedom (Original Mix) – Gizmo & Mac
(4) 12:50 – 18:09 – New Era (Original Mix) – Karim Alkhayat, DREIAN
(5) 18:10 – 24:00 – Ignorance & Fear (Original Mix) – Brennen Grey, Atroxx
(6) 24:01 – 29:17 – Filings (Original Mix) – Axel Karakasis
(7) 29:18 – 32:35 – Surface Tension (Original Mix) – Axel Karakasis
(8) 32:36 – 36:55 – Another Box in the Wall (Original Mix) – Axel Karakasis
(9) 36:56 – 42:35 – Temporary (Original Mix) – Alen Milivojevic, Drzneday
(10) 42:36 – 47:52 – Point of View (Original Mix) – Mehmet Özbek, Karim Alkhayat
(11) 47:53 – 54:35 – Nominal (Original Mix) – RanchaTek, Phased
(12) 54:36 – 59:28 – Fix Me (Original Mix) – Mark Reeve
(13) 59:29 – 1:05:24 – Take Me Away (Original Mix) – Beico