Event horizon: (noun) a theoretical boundary around a black hole beyond which no light or other radiation can escape, a point of no return.

Many blessings to you dear brothers and sisters of the Light!

paul continues to be thoroughly impressed with your display of bravery, level of commitment and sheer determination as you walk the path of life through all its ups and downs, twists and turns. He is truly honored to bear witness to your awakening from the insidious negative mental constructs deeply embedded within your psyche all rooted from the third dimensional mind matrix.

You have displayed an immense amount of courage while fighting to break free from societal programming that was passed down through your lineage. You are now provided an opportunity to gain the title of “Cycle Breaker”. Earning this title, and the many accolades it provides, can seem to be a herculean task that may feel almost impossible at times. Fear not brave soul, you have tremendous support on many planes of existence as your Creator, guides and angels stand by your side providing the support you need when all appears lost. Breaking through the cycles of generational trauma is no easy feat, but you are a true warrior of the light and have proven your mettle time and time again. You can, and will, succeed. Please be sure to pace yourself as your adventures take your far beyond The Event Horizon – Volume 45

Life on Earth is not without its many challenges and opportunities. Each one contains seeds of potential where a variety of pivots are available. While it is true that some challenges appear more arduous than others, they are all for your benefit if you choose to hold that perception and perspective.

paul wishes to impart wisdom that has the potential to alleviate self-inflicted suffering for those who are ready and willing to make necessary adjustments. He asks that you stay focused on how you greet each and every present second, which are gifts from the Creator. As you continue to awaken and break free from the third dimensional mind matrix it is essential that you remain the constant observer of your thoughts, feelings and emotions. This is especially true regarding how you receive the present moment. Any resistance that you express, or experience, to the miracle of the moment provides fertile ground for the ego to create havoc triggering negative thoughts of the past or anxious projections of the future. While it may be challenging at first, paul implores you to accept everything that is presented to you, and for you, without hesitation. This shift will provide the foundation for you to exist within flow-state, gain clarity, experience neutrality, obtain peace and live with prosperity.

Through all your trials and tribulations, you have accomplished all that has been asked of you. For that you are to be acknowledged and validated as your efforts are certainly worthy of commendation. Keep moving forward, all is well. Praise be.

The Event Horizon Vol. 45 track list:
(1) 0:00 – 05:15 – My Rules (Original Mix) – Bart Skils
(2) 05:16 – 11:04 – Flip That Beat (Original mix) – Pablo Caballero
(3) 11:05 – 15:10 – Believe (Original Mix) – I Am Bam
(4) 15:11 – 21:40 – All Things Lost (Original Mix) – Ignacio Arfeli
(5) 21:41 – 26:11 – Function (Original Mix) – Alessandro D’Avenia
(6) 26:12 – 32:33 – The Ultimate (Original Mix) – D.Mongelos
(7) 32:34 – 38:32 – Fallen Angels (Original Mix) – Karim Alkhayat
(8) 38:23 – 44:31 – Just a Game (Johannes Menzel Remix) – Nuss, Matias Stradini
(9) 44:32 – 49:49 – Following Througt Night (Original Mix) – RanchaTek, Phased
(10) 49:50 – 55:15 – Pumuky (Original Mix) – Dok & Martin, Luis Miranda
(11) 55:16 – 1:00:20 – Galactica (Original Mix) – Konrad (Italy)
(12) 1:00:21 – 1:04:44 – Talk To Me (Original Mix) – Nostromos
(13) 1:04:45 – 1:10:28 – Encoder (Original Mix) – RooneyNasr