Event horizon: (noun) a theoretical boundary around a black hole beyond which no light or other radiation can escape, a point of no return.

Grand risings brothers and sisters of the Light!

It is with great honor, joy and privilege that paul welcomes you and is elated to see you continue your great adventures throughout the multiverse.

It takes an immense level of trust, faith and fortitude to keep forging ahead into the great unknown where anything is possible. This is the realm of uncertainty, a space where fear, apprehension and excitement can be found deeply woven within the very fabric of every single present moment depending upon your perceptions and perspectives.

Yes, this can be a rather uncomfortable experience at times depending on the situation at hand. But please remember that it is through discomfort and adversity that you will learn, grow and prosper. paul personally understands the difficulties that can emerge when confronted with new situations and is keenly aware of the potential to be triggered by thoughts, feelings and emotions (at times simultaneously). He strongly encourages you to remain calm, be present and stay mindful as this will provide you with the clarity, resolve and vision necessary as your journey takes you well beyond The Event Horizon – Volume 46

paul wishes to impart you with wisdom that will provide reassurance and solace in times of doubt, confusion and chaos. As you continue down the path of life you travel from one new experience to the next having to adapt, learn and evolve. There are no instruction books to reference, no life manual available that can properly prepare you for all the trials and tribulations divinely configured for your subjective reality.

There are decisions that you will make during these new experiences that will render different outcomes depending upon the people, places and things involved. Hindsight will always provide ample amounts of regret when you hold a negative perspective that you made a “mistake”. paul wishes for you to remove that negative perception from your psyche as it is not helpful nor productive for your highest and greatest good. You cannot make a mistake when you are engaged with a situation that is new, for you would have not known any better or have done things any differently at the time. Be easy with yourself dear soul, mistakes are only possible when you re-engage a situation, person, place or thing that you are familiar with. It is this shift in perception that has the potential to alleviate much of your self-inflicted suffering.

Please know that your efforts, endurance and perseverance have not gone unnoticed. All that you wish for will be made available when the time is right. Praise be.

The Event Horizon Vol. 46 track list:
(1) 0:00 – 01:59 – Settle in the Sun (Original Mix) – Bart Skils
(2) 02:00 – 09:35 – Cry (Original Mix) – Zakari&Blange
(3) 09:36 – 14:13 – In Between (Original Mix) – Nick Moris
(4) 14:14 – 18:22 – Ghost (T78 Short Remix) – FOLUAL
(5) 18:23 – 24:24 – Seriousness (Original Mix) – Frankyeffe
(6) 24:25 – 31:01 – Face To Face (Original Mix) – Lazar (IT)
(7) 31:02 – 36:50 – Jugar (SUDO Remix) – DESNA
(8) 36:51 – 42:52 – Devotion (Original Mix) – Transcode
(9) 42:53 – 47:40 – Synesthesia (Original Mix) – Transcode
(10) 47:41 – 53:20 – Power (Original Mix) – Heerhorst
(11) 53:21 – 58:58 – Cosmic Bound (Original Mix) – MOTVS
(12) 58:59 – 1:03:33 – Bladerunner (Original Mix) – Lunatique Sublime
(13) 1:03:34 – 1:09:51 – Reckless (Beico Remix) – Hellomonkey, Daniel Nike