Event horizon: (noun) a theoretical boundary around a black hole beyond which no light or other radiation can escape, a point of no return.

Change is in the air, prepare yourselves brothers and sisters of the Light!

Now is the time to embrace the shifting sands of time that will bring about great fortune and opportunity for those committed to living a life of honor, virtue and humility. paul strongly encourages you to remain in a state of acceptance with arms wide open in a concerted effort to embrace the divine will of the Universe. It’s power and grandeur far exceed anything you could possibly imagine; resistance will prove futile and frustrating.

While it may be difficult at times to comprehend the reasonings behind the numerous changes occurring concurrently, please know that all is unfolding exactly as it should no matter what doubts or resistance your ego wishes to enact. You now have an opportunity to use the many tools you’ve accumulated throughout your adventures to stay present, neutral and prosperous as your travels take you far, far, far beyond The Event Horizon – Volume 47

As you continue traversing the path of life you will experience many peaks and valleys as well as trials and tribulations. paul wishes to remind you to watch the words you use to describe the events, people, places and things you encounter. These descriptors, and labels, contain power and influence that can alter your perceptions, thoughts and emotions creating roadblocks and unnecessary mental obstacles.

Strive to be present, stay mindful and watch every word you speak. If you can maintain a state of observation without judgement, you will quickly learn that speaking mindlessly will lead to unintentional and undesirable manifestations. While it may be challenging at first to properly address this behavior, your efforts will prove worthwhile in the long run. paul encourages you to use a helpful tool such as “reframing” that will provide many opportunities to rephrase and remold your words after they leave your mouth.

It is truly an honor to bear witness to your growth in mind, body and spirit. Your perseverance through adversity is a reflection of your fortitude, courage and dedication to self-improvement, self-development and self-exploration. Keep moving forward dear soul, all is well.

The Event Horizon Vol. 47 track list:
(1) 0:00 – 05:15 – Distorted Identity (Original Mix) – SAMA
(2) 05:16 – 10:39 – Crossover (Original Mix) – Tom Hutt
(3) 10:40 – 16:51 – Bell Tower (Original Mix) – Celic, Dok & Martin
(4) 16:52 – 22:15 – Absent Mindedness (Original Mix) – Bermio
(5) 22:16 – 28:51 – Nova (Original Mix) – Ilija Djokovic
(6) 28:52 – 34:11 – Convert (Original Mix) – Kadric
(7) 34:12 – 40:10 – Cerebral Mass (Original Mix) – Rebel Boy
(8) 40:11 – 45:40 – Joule Effect (Original Mix) – Fussion, Drigo
(9) 45:41 – 51:53 – Two Souls (Original Mix) – Kaspar (DE), Bolster
(10) 51:54 – 57:39 – Galattica (Original Mix) – Luca Gaeta
(11) 57:40 – 1:02:57 – Johnny Lawrence (Original Mix) – Luca Morris, Mozzy Rekorder
(12) 1:02:58 – 1:08:50 – Lifelink (Original Mix) – Mattia Saviolo
(13) 1:08:51 – 1:16:11 – Vibrations (Original Mix) – Ramon Tapia